Alliance provides a comprehensive range of retention support products and training, including:

+Training days and workshops
+ Introduction to retention
+ Recruiting high-yield members
+ Implementing a member journey
+ Identifying high-risk members
+ Effective customer communication
+ Interactive skills training
+ Customer care workshops
+ Demographic profiling
+ Retention systems
+ Customer surveys
+ Performance monitoring
+ Operational audits
+ Mystery shopping

Working with sites to define the problem, identify solutions and monitor performance will ensure that attrition levels are reduced and income increases.

Our retention support is delivered in a 3-tiered format depending on the staffing resources available and current systems in place.

Foundation – Intermediate – Complete

The foundation system ensures that all staff have an understanding of the concept of retention and their impact on member attrition. This stage provides the site with a basic induction procedure and member journey. Performance monitoring is set up to allow the site to see who is joining, how long they are staying and why they cancel.

Member tracking and identifying those at risk of drop out is introduced at the intermediate stage. Further training is given to staff on interaction skills and fitness challenges are established.

The complete system utilizes specialist retention technology available in the industry to effectively monitor your club’s retention procedures and staff performance. This ensures that resource and interactions are utilized effectively to guarantee lower attrition rates.