Well we would say that wouldn’t we!  But seriously, many operators I speak to have concerns about 3rd party sales teams due to previous bad experiences.  We like to think we’re different.

Recruiting a full-time sales resource can be a long, time consuming process, which not only involves sourcing a suitable candidate, but also requires training and further expenses.  If the successful candidate doesn’t work out, it’s highly likely they’ll be retained until they ‘come good’ based on the time and money invested in them; ensuring you’ll never see the full returns on your investment.

Outsourcing sales support can be highly beneficial for a variety of reasons, with a team of sales professionals providing a variety of talent, skills and qualities that you’re likely to get more from than an individual employee.  Listed below are the key benefits of outsourcing sales support:

– Value for money – For the cost of recruiting one full time sales person, you would be able to outsource a full team of sales professionals.

– Increased sales focus – A team of sales professionals can target more areas than one individual employee, ensuring a higher volume of activity; ultimately resulting in more sales and targets being achieved quicker.

– Remove the common costs of employment – Outsourcing a team of sales professionals means avoiding some costs associated with full-time employees; including HR, payroll, employee benefit schemes, sick pay and annual leave – Returning increased profits from your sales.

– Lower overheads – No requirement to provide laptops, phones, company cars etc.

– A stress-free resource with a proven track record that you know has the experience and determination to successfully drive sales.

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Tom Gardner National Impact Manager Tom has a vast amount of experience when it comes to delivering impact sales strategies that will make a real difference to your business.  Promoting both new and existing facilities the Alliance Impact team can support a range of leisure activities from gym and fitness memberships to spa and tenpin bowling activities. M: 07872573699