Facebook Tips

By John Leaver

Here are two Facebook tips you may not be aware of which could help boost your exposure to your followers and allow you to target your audiences more.

Verify Your Page

Verifying your Facebook page helps your ranking in search results and the visibility of your posts to your followers.  You can tell when your page is verified as you gain a small grey tick icon next to your page name as shown below.


To Verify your page just click on the Settings tab and choose the ‘Page Verification’ option on the list.  Click ‘Verify this page’.

Verify FB Page

You will then need to either receive an automated phone call from Facebook or submit some business document to prove ownership of the business.

Full details are available on Facebook’s help section



Post Targeting

Another great tool now available on Facebook is the audience targeting tool. This allows you to narrow the intended audience for specific posts (similar to targeting options on Facebook adverts).

When activated you will see this icon Target Audience Facebook underneath your message box when composing a new post.

To activate this feature go to your setting and select the ‘News Feed Audience’ option:


Tick the checkbox and select Save Changes.  Now when you create a new post and select this icon you will see the following targeting options:


This screenshot shows a target audience for this post of Females aged 18-24 in the Manchester area.

You can now post relevant content to specific followers and reduce the risk of users ‘unfollowing’ your posts.

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John Leaver Head of Alliance Digital As Head of Alliance Digital, John is the go-to expert for all things digital and marketing.  With a passion for technology, gadgets and marketing John delivers exceptional insight into a quickly-changing and often confusing world of digital media channels. @JohnLeaver M: 07909988532