John Leaver, DigitalJust over 12 months has passed since Alliance Digital was setup so we ask the guru heading up this team of social media and online experts, John Leaver, what’s been happening.  We catch him in the middle of his day as he’s preparing a marketing strategy for one of his clients.

What are you working on today John?
This is an annual marketing strategy we’ve been tasked to write for one of our clients.  A few years ago it would have been all about leaflet drops, press advertising and local community groups, but the present time is really exciting for marketers as the digital tools are so much more effective.  Alliance Digital was born out of this changing landscape.

So what is Alliance Digital?
It’s something we’d been talking about for a couple of years as we’d been delivering a lot of digital products to our clients already – e-newsletters, help with Google search rankings, web design, etc.  It’s exciting as we’ve now been able to commit some real development time into creating and perfecting our digital solutions.

And what solutions are they?
A lot of people think digital is just some website SEO and pay-per-click campaigns but there’s so much that falls under our digital division.  Online customer surveys is one area we have developed with sites looking at their cancellation processes and feedback systems.  Video production for bringing client testimonials to life or creating cool virtual tours with drones, are just another couple of areas we are developing.

So does this make you Jack of all trades, and…
…absolutely not.  We’ve created Alliance Digital to be able to master all these tools and services.  Remaining an expert is the hard bit as technology and the digital scene is changing almost daily.  My team and I believe in staying as up-to-date as possible.

What does the Head of Alliance Digital do to relax then?
It’s quite sad but outside of work I still like technology, gadgets, browsing the internet – I suppose that’s why I’m heading up Digital.  I have been referred to as a Geek Whisperer as I’m the one in the company that gets the phone call when a gadget breaks or a widget malfunctions.  I’m pretty good at explaining things in basic terms and yet can liaise with developers on the technical aspects involved in the role.  The rest of the time I spend with my family, coaching junior football, golf in the summer and playing taxi to our 2 boys.

And what has Digital planned for the future?
It’s a busy time for us at the moment.  We’re planning some more free roadshow events which will deliver digital marketing advice around the country, and we’ve also got some new clients to help get setup.  The real focus is still getting our name out there so the leisure industry sees Alliance Digital as their go-to service for all marketing and digital needs.

How much investment do you expect the average client to make in digital services?
This can vary depending on a client’s goals, local population, activity mix, client base, etc.  Over the past 12 months we have shifted over 60% of our marketing spend to digital channels and tools.  Some businesses are looking at digital opportunities as a way to spend less but generate the same returns, which is possible but we’d recommend investing more and seeing even greater tangible, trackable results.

And what if a client’s marketing budget is really limited?
We offer an income-share partnership model where clients make zero investment themselves and Alliance provide all our services at our cost.  That can include digital support, online advertising, staff training, mystery shopping, print & design, and more.  Many of our clients say it’s a no-brainer as they’ve got nothing to lose!

So how do you get paid?
Only when we hit pre-agreed targets do we start to share any income over and above that point.  It’s a win-win, as the client only pays when they see results they’re happy with.

Sounds interesting.  How do interested businesses find out more?
As you would expect, I’d recommend they check us out on-line.  Our YouTube channel has some cool videos to watch, or they can visit our website.  Or if they want to go all 1990s they can pick up the phone and speak to me.  We still do that too!

Find out more about Alliance Digital HERE or call John on 07909988532.

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