You only have to scroll through your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed to realise the growing impact that video is having on how we consume content.  Consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014, and YouTube receives more than 1 billion unique visitor every month – more than 20 million Britons every week.

So how are you using video in your business?  Here are some ways leisure operators should consider incorporating video into their daily operations.

“Pool closed this afternoon.” “Last 3 places remaining on Zumba.”  Why not change these mundane social media posts into video by recording staff giving an update live to camera?  Video on Facebook receives up to 20x more engagement than text posts so start lifting your customer service messages with the same approach.  If you are giving fitness or nutritional advice then record your staff talking to the customers and then Tweet it… #FridayFitnessTips  Finally, screen capture from your video to create still images that can then be used on Pinterst or future social media posts.
A bit like this…

Live streaming used to be reserved for those “techies” who could understand how to setup servers, manipulate video editing software and had the recording equipment needed to produce high quality video.  Nowadays you can download an app, such as Meerkat or Periscope, and away you go!  Try streaming some live classes to raise awareness of your group fitness programme, or take a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for a future event.
Take a look at this class video and the volume of engagement

How do you get your advertising to stand out in such a crowded digital marketplace?  Video provides one solution.  But it’s not as easy as just uploading any video and getting immediate results.  Different videos will work on different platforms and in all case the first few seconds are crucial.  Get your ‘hook’ in the first 3 seconds or use an initial sequence that immediately captures your audience’s attention.  Consider the last few videos you watched online and how did they keep you engaged?

Create videos to promote competitions within your centres that either capture data, drive lead generation, reward loyalty or just create a feel-good club atmosphere.
Try creating videos like this…

With more and more consumers shopping on-line then you need to be able to showcase your facilities in the comfort of their own home.  Still photography just won’t cut it in 2016 as the savvy buyer expects a more emmersive experience.  A small investment in a professionally shot walk-through will reap rewards with on-line shoppers.

John Leaver Head of Alliance Digital As Head of Alliance Digital, John is the go-to expert for all things digital and marketing.  With a passion for technology, gadgets and marketing John delivers exceptional insight into a quickly-changing and often confusing world of digital media channels. @JohnLeaver M: 07909988532