Simple SEO Tips

By John Leaver

You don’t have to be a Web Developer with a PhD in Search Engine Optimisation to ensure your website ranks well on Google’s search results. Here are some simple tips for 2015.

Content is still King!
Create useful, engaging, relevant content for your customers, that is updated regularly.

Identify your keywords based on what a human being would search for in Google…
Gyms near me
Tips for losing weight
How do I check my blood pressure
Cheap gyms in my area

Ensure your urls align to the page topic and keyword, e.g.

Make sure you optimise your Page Titles
This is the text that is displayed in search results to describe the page found – typically only 50 characters are displayed. Try to include your city/location. If you don’t put your location in your title tag ensure it is in your H1 header and site content itself.

Focus on Inbound Links
High quality links from reputable websites will continue to be one of Google’s top criteria for search rankings. Therefore focus on creating content that others will want to share, and therefore link back to your site.

Complete the Image Alt Text in your images
Ensure you add keywords to an image’s alt text and file name attributes (you may need to ask your web developer to help with this one).

Become Mobile-Friendly
Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher than those that are not.

Don’t forget to check Bing and Yahoo
Whilst Google sees 65% of online search results that means there’s 35% of internet users utilising other search engines.

Monitor what works
Whilst you can easily get lost for a few months exploring Google’s analytics results select a few KPIs that mean something to your website and monitor them – traffic, conversions, leads, direct sales. JL

John Leaver Head of Alliance Digital As Head of Alliance Digital, John is the go-to expert for all things digital and marketing.  With a passion for technology, gadgets and marketing John delivers exceptional insight into a quickly-changing and often confusing world of digital media channels. @JohnLeaver M: 07909988532