Pendle Leisure

Alliance entered into 5-year partnership in 2002 providing sales, marketing and retention support following development of Pendle’s leisure facilities.  By 2007 and the end of the initial partnership agreement, Pendle had developed a strong brand, an internal sales and marketing team and income had surpassed all expectations. Between 2007 and 2009, income steadily decreased without the support of Alliance and Pendle felt the need to re-engage Alliance’s support and focus. In October 2009, they reapproached Alliance about supporting the sites and then entered into a new income share partnership for a further 5 years.

Focusing on the culture within the organisation at site management level, Alliance continues to provide sales mentoring programmes and effective campaigns designed to drive membership sales.   Working alongside the fitness team, Alliance has also redeveloped Pendle’s customer journey from initial enquiry to lifelong member. Within 12 months of the new agreement, fitness income had returned to its previous peak and continued steady growth was forecasted throughout 2011.

“I always know that I can get the support, advice and backing I need for any circumstance from the partnership. Both parties are respectful of each other and have the same objectives to make the facility an outstanding success. This is something we’ve achieved as the results show.

“Without hesitation, I recommend the Alliance partnership to anyone who is serious about providing a successful business.”

Phil Storey, Chief Executive

“We have worked closely with Alliance to build on our membership. Alliance has provided training in sales, tours, lead generation and retention and this has been very beneficial. Most importantly the training has changed the culture of staff to make them more sales focused. The centres now approach sales differently and seize every opportunity”.

Quammer Iqbal, Centre Manager