In 2005, Alliance commenced a  £300,000 development at Halesowen Leisure Centre to extend their health and fitness offering.   The local authority entered into a 5-year partnership agreement to provide ongoing sales, marketing and retention services. The Centre outperformed all expectations and Alliance Leisure was invited back in 2008 to provide new investment opportunities, primarily in health and fitness, at its two additional facilities and to expand the successful Halesowen site.

Detailed latent demand and feasibility studies were undertaken on each of the three facilities.  This was then developed into a detailed business plan that highlighted the level of affordability each facility could accommodate.   A wide range of funding options were presented, and DMC appointed Alliance Leisure to provide top-up funding, project management and additional partnership to the new facilities.

Alliance Leisure extended the existing fitness suite at Dudley Leisure Centre into two neighbouring squash courts creating a large, spacious 50-station Technogym wellness facility. Total investment was £400,000, with monthly payments taken over a 5-year term.

At Crystal Leisure Centre, the ground floor crèche, office accommodation and health suite were demolished to make way for a large family fitness offering, comprising a 44-station Technogym wellness facility, dance mat area, boxing ring, interactive bikes and a range of resistance equipment suitable for children.

A new first floor office and staffroom were created as well as a children’s soft play area and crèche facility adjacent to the cafeteria.

The total investment at this facility was £800,000 with monthly payments taken over a 5-year period. Gym membership is currently over 1,200.

Halesowen Leisure Centre converted a multi-use area and bar into a new large Technogym wellness fitness suite. The previous gym space was converted into a dedicated studio. This investment of £200,000 was funded over 5 years.

Prior to the developments, fitness income was £450k with approx. 1,300 members. Fitness income for the sites is now almost £1.2m and membership stands at over 3,200.

The total investment at this facility was £800,000 with monthly payments taken over a 5-year period. Membership in the gym is currently over 1,200.