Monmouthshire County Council

In April 2014, Monmouthshire County Council engaged the client support services of Alliance Leisure.   Having previously worked with Alliance, the authority knew the breadth of the Company’s experience in the leisure industry especially within sales and retention.

Delivery included tailored workshops and training sessions with all levels of leisure staff to assist with sales and retention.  Staff were refocused on the importance of customer contact, creating leads, managing the sales processes, cross/upselling facilities and activities, and monitoring progress through targets.  Social media support was also provided to set up and help manage their varied platforms.

Leisure Centre membership grew throughout the first year of support with an increase of 350.  Attrition rates dropped as retention improved and the sites achieved an additional £100k of fitness revenue.  Staff feedback was also positive with comments such as “more confident in dealing with staff”, less stigma to the word ‘sales’ and refocused on the importance of customer retention.

“I have found that the partnership work with Alliance Leisure has worked really well and has assisted in refocusing the whole team on what matters – delivering a service that helps our customers make informed decisions and achieve their goals resulting in increased members and income.”

Richard Simpkins, Leisure Business Manager, Monmouthshire County Council