Health and Fitness

The UK fitness industry is worth an estimated £4.08 billion pounds and is proving resilient in the current economic climate, with continued growth in demand, market value and new facilities.

13.2% of the UK population (up from 12.6% in the previous year) is now registered as a member of a health and fitness club, or publicly-owned, fitness facility. (Figures taken from 2014 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report).

Alliance Leisure has developed over 50 public sector fitness facilities.  The emphasis is on providing private sector facilities at public sector pricing levels. Facilities are scoped based on local market forces ensuring that the size of the facility and the membership threshold are appropriate and the investment affordable.

In the current climate, many good quality public sector fitness facilities are seeing a rise in membership levels as customers switch from private clubs to cheaper, but comparable public facilities.

Developing fitness is still the core activity of many Alliance projects and is supported by the client support division with marketing, sales systems, staff development and retention programmes.

For the older age group and deconditioned users, Alliance Leisure has developed the ‘Feelgood Factory’ based on the toning studio model. The Feelgood Factory is equipped with 12 motorized exercise machines delivering an effective 30-minute workout.    Users do not require any special clothes and do not have to wear shoes for 6 of the machines (so carpet is ideal for comfort). There is no queuing for equipment as users book a time slot to suit them. As the exercise circuit is predefined, they simply turn up and start on the first machine, then move to the next. A member of staff is always on hand to offer assistance.

Alliance has developed six Feelgood Factory facilities around the UK in recent years with more planned, all in partnership with local authorities or leisure trusts who understand the importance of a facility for ‘seniors’ within their leisure offering. This product also offers a great commercial opportunity for operators looking to drive more revenue from an underutilized space, such as a squash court.

Feelgood Factory facilities are flourishing in the UK as people are now living longer than ever before, with more awareness of the need to exercise to maintain their health and fitness. The 50 + age group is the largest growing market in the world!

As part of any fitness development, Alliance Leisure encompasses all associated areas as part of the project such as: studios, functional fitness spaces, reception areas and changing rooms.