With less than 25% of school aged children getting 20 minutes of vigorous, daily physical activity, and 1 in 5 children now recognized as obese, Alliance Leisure has developed a range of facility options to engage with younger age groups and provide activities for all the family to enjoy together.

Tenpin bowling continues to provide fun and activity for all the family at the various venues developed by Alliance Leisure across the UK. It is estimated that in the UK, 250,000 people bowl daily and it has twice the active participants of golf and three times the active participants of tennis or skiing. (Source: Brunswick Report)

New innovations have refreshed the tenpin bowling offering, with particular growth in ‘boutique bowling’ facilities which generate excellent revenues through a stronger focus on high quality food and drink, and less bowling lanes than the old fashioned, ‘mega-bowl’ facilities.

Alliance Leisure has continued to deliver innovative soft play developments, most recently at Harlow Leisurezone. Soft play engages children in a world of fun from babies upwards. Play equipment has continued to evolve in recent times. It’s not just the big slides and ball pits that are available, but many interactive elements for a more engaging experience.  Soft play can provide a great commercial opportunity for any centres that have underutilized space, such as squash courts, indoor tennis courts or part of a large sports hall.

Trampoline parks are a new phenomenon to hit the UK, driven by their popularity in the USA. They include typically 100+ interconnecting trampolines to provide a huge ‘bounce’ area for all ages and abilities to enjoy exercise. Zones include: dodgeball arena, basketball bounce zone and free bounce area. They are a great opportunity for your child’s party, but also for providing fitness classes and sports activities that particularly appeal to those groups that are hard to reach, such as teenage females.