In response to the popularity of indoor climbing, VerTigo is the next generation of indoor climbing adventure structures, developed to deliver a playful, yet challenging range of climbing features making it accessible to a wider audience.

Fun, imaginative and with bright colours and striking themes, features take the challenges and health benefits of traditional climbing, mix them with the fun and colour of a theme park and include elements that: encourage teamwork and competitiveness, develop problem solving skills and have educational value. VerTigo is perfect for a wet or cold day as a year-round adventure activity.

The concept is based upon traditional climbing, but tailored to individuals that can climb in safety and with confidence knowing that, although they can fall off, they won’t fall to the ground due to the unique auto belay system. The bright, fun and focused challenges on each of the walls, offers a variety of options to young and adults alike.

VerTigo is different to traditional climbing in that it offers a safe introductory route to climbing without the need for instructor belay of every participant. There really is no minimum or maximum age, with participants able to take the VerTigo challenge when they are physically capable of climbing and compliant with relevant admission criteria.

VerTigo is made up of different climbing ‘panels’ to create significant scope for use and activity, with a focus on fun.   It incorporates moving parts, inflatable sections, speed climbs, velcro walls and see through climbs. There can be unique challenges such as ‘spiral stairs’ and ‘sky fall’, where the user leaps from a suspended platform.

Indoor caving involves crawling, walking and climbing through a maze of dark tunnels, incorporating various challenges and obstacles along the way. Cavers wear helmets with headlamps to light the way as they wind themselves through an ‘underground’ world where they will have to overcome roped bridges, stepping stones, vertical and horizontal squeezes, balance beams, ball pools, boulder climbs and descents.

The space required for a good indoor caving adventure is the approximate equivalent of two squash courts. The system can be designed on two levels with caving on foot, on the ground level, and a ‘slot canyon’ caving system on the upper level where the user is clipped onto a guiding rail.  This provides a unique caving, climbing experience!

The caving system would be a bespoke design for the centre, depending on the space available, and uses an LED lighting system to add to the atmosphere. Along the way, there are various escape hatches for those wishing to step out.

Indoor caving is enjoyed by children and adults, but it’s the 8-18 age range that particularly engage with it.   Caving provides many benefits including improved overall fitness, increased confidence, working as a team and a sense of achievement. The experience is a great attraction for groups – birthday parties, corporate bookings, schools etc.

Aerial trekking is an indoor, high-level adrenalin activity that has become extremely popular.  It allows participants to undertake a series of activities at height, offering excitement and exhilaration in a safe and controlled environment. It is popular with young adults and families, as well as with adrenaline addicts that just want to say they have ‘done it’!