Project Management

“Able and willing people drive project success they understand what it takes to complete worthwhile and achievable tasks.”

Appointing a project management company to oversee the build is only one part of the equation if a project is to be viewed as a success.   Project delivery looks beyond build requirements to consider what will be necessary to deliver a scheme that meets the wider requirements of ongoing, operational effectiveness and financial viability.

Our teams have unrivalled experience in delivering projects and understand the challenges of local government service provision. In our experience, the burden on officer time can be very onerous. Few have the time, resources or expertise necessary to manage complex project delivery demands – demands that can otherwise derail a project.

This is why we work with clients prior to build in order to establish and agree a viable business case, with consumer demand and capital affordability fully taken into account. This then informs the build requirements. If a project is agreed, Alliance Leisure employs industry experts that draw on deep sector knowledge ensuring that, whilst kept fully involved with developments, our clients are able to continue with their ‘day job’ throughout the delivery process.