Pool and Spa

With swimming still being the most popular activity undertaken in the UK, and with 84% of the population living within 2 miles of a pool, it is necessary to invest in modern, swimming pool provision.

There are over 4,500 swimming pools in the UK with many operating beyond their designed shelf life and costly to operate and maintain. Alliance’s expertise in developing leisure facilities will ensure that any swimming provision is integrated with other leisure activities. This will provide robust revenue streams and long-term financial savings.

Alliance Leisure recently delivered a new 25-metre swimming pool, learner pool and village changing facilities at Ramsgate Sports Centre for Your Leisure Ltd. This project proceeded following detailed feasibility work that demonstrated considerable savings could be made by building a new efficient pool adjoined to an existing dry leisure facility, and disposing of the land asset of a costly ageing pool. The centre remained operational during the 12-month build programme.

Alliance Leisure has delivered innovative day spas within local authority facilities in Pendle, Deeside and Ramsgate.  Alliance is proud to have delivered the first local authority spa at Pendle Wavelengths in Lancashire in 2009. The success of this site has led to Pendle Leisure Trust recently expanding its spa facilities.  An accessible, state of the art spa facility provides a variety of different heat experiences and opportunity for relaxation and rest.  When supported by client education and direction, it provides a unique selling point for local authorities and creates a potential new customer base.

The spa offering continues to evolve and recent developments have seen a growth in the “Spa Express” concept.  This takes into account some of the elements of a full day spa, but installs these in a smaller footprint and at a lower capital cost, to take advantage of the growing ‘express’ market of users.