Risk Mitigation

For the last 15 years, Alliance Leisure has pioneered an alternative approach to developing facilities in the leisure industry. Starting with the establishment of a business case, with capital affordability foremost in our vision, our design teams and builders have delivered schemes based upon consumer demand and revenue opportunities. This has resulted in developments where underused space has been revitalized, to become vibrant new facilities that contribute positively to budgets.

Alliance Leisure de-risk developments by entering into all construction contracts, thereby assuming the risk of delivery cost and programme.   If the cost of the project exceeds budget or if the scheme overruns, it is Alliance Leisure’s responsibility.

The focus is upon reducing costs and time for the authority and contractor in the procurement of a leisure contract thus ensuring that resources are spent on maximizing the benefits to local communities.

Alliance Leisure commits to the capital cost of the project and enters into the underlying contracts, such as the JCT, equipment supply and project management/CDM and, in so doing, shoulders the delivery risk of the project.

A major benefit of this approach is to enable, on a project specific basis, the allocation of risk to the most appropriate party. Also, because the supply chain is involved early in the project, it allows commercial risk management techniques to be used to minimize the impact of any risk.

“When a project team is experienced, diligent and has the know-how required to carry out the necessary tasks within agreed timescales, then you can be assured of success.”