“Skateboarding, inline skating and BMXing are the fastest growing sports in the world. Collectively they involve more young people between the ages of 7 to 20 than any other single sport.   Recognition is on the increase with BMX racing featured in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games” (The Superstudy of Sports Participation, ASD)

The popularity of such sports has led to the divide being crossed to mainstream leisure provision, with the largest indoor skatepark in Wales being completed in 2011 for Flintshire County Council, operated by Deeside Leisure Centre. The skatepark has been a phenomenal success and participation has grown significantly. The Extreme facility draws from a very wide catchment and this is echoed in the research in the ExPark Consumer Survey, which shows 53% of users will travel over 30 miles to go to an indoor facility.

With 25% of young people either wishing to, or actively participating in Extreme sports, it’s not only the fastest growing sport in the UK, but in the world!

With traditional sport participation on the decrease in young people, Alliance Leisure has developed a range of Extreme facility options to cater for children aged 5 and over, offering a variety of managed and instructed adrenalin activities. These include parkour/free running, extreme skate and ski simulation amongst many other evolving innovations.